SECURITY OFFICERS & Asset Protection Services

Legacy Resources is experienced in providing SECURITY Operatives throughout Northern Ireland.

Across multiple sectors and services, including the provision of fully trained Static Security Teams and Residential Security Teams. Static Guarding is a vital part of any business that requires a constant security presence. Guards must have the relevant qualifications and natural ability to secure premises during overnight deployments, but guards are often required to operate as a point of contact to the public.

All the Legacy Resources Security Officers are equipped with the latest tracking technology that enables our operations control room check-in & out when on-site and the new interface of an unwell feature to assist in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

This process ensures the site is protected at all times and enables the Operations Control Room to monitor Guards throughout their shift.

This control measure gives the client peace of mind that they are receiving a service of the highest quality, and it reassures the Guards that they have the full support required.

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