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International Services

At Legacy Resources, we enable International companies to operate safely and securely in complex and challenging markets.

Legacy Resources is a leading provider of security services with unequalled expertise in MENA (Middle East and North Africa).  Our corporate clients are global leaders representing a broad spectrum of energy and development industries. Our client’s common trait is the desire to meet their business goals while meeting their duty of care obligations.

Our willingness to understand our clients and their business requirements within the local security context separates Legacy from our competitors. Our ability to help our clients navigate the road ahead is what puts us on a whole different level.

Legacy provides a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective solutions to identify and mitigate our clients’ risks. These include advisory, threat and risk analysis, security management, technical design, security engineering, and mobile and site security. Additionally, Legacy provides support services such as country entry logistics, medical, communications, and training.

This past performance gives Legacy an in-depth understanding of the client’s individual requirements. It has enabled Legacy to build a reputation for delivering Security services and client-specific services and fully aligned with the requirements of the sector stakeholders, both in terms of compliance.

Legacy Resources has built up extensive experience supporting clients in a number of sectors.

Security Services

Through comprehensive operational security risk management, we help you understand your physical and technical security risks. We provide risk-based and proportionate solutions that are robust, well-designed, and sustainable. Working across security, safety, legal, compliance, business, and travel management teams, we help clients augment and transform their security posture. Whether you are a Fortune 500 business or a start-up, our insight, hands-on experience, and technological innovation will keep your organisation ahead in a constantly changing risk landscape.

Services Offered:

Risk Assessments

Security Assessments

Risk Management

Crisis Management

Security Management:

Provide In-Country Security Managers to ensure proper oversight and implementation of our clients’ security plans.

On-Site Security Managers

Staff In-Country Training Programs

Provision & Supervision of Security Sub-Contractors

Security Procurement:

Assist our clients in identifying, qualifying, and selecting appropriate security service providers.

Vendor Qualifications

Vendor Selection

Acquisition Requests

Strategic and Operational Intelligence:

Local security incident tracking and alert system

Personnel tracking/fleet management

Local threat analysis and reporting

30-day security outlook

Downloadable weekly summary reports

Journey Management Planning:

Legacy provides comprehensive Journey Management services. Knowledge is everything when travelling and working in high-threat environments, and safety is the priority. Legacy Resources has the experience, insights, and capabilities to meet your needs.

Our safety-led approach draws on the unrivalled information and risk analysis capabilities that underpin everything we do. This approach ensures that our clients are safer, better protected, and able to prosper whilst working in a range of high threat, challenging, or remote environments.

Services Offered:

Journey Management

Ground Transportation

Risk Analysis

Emergency Planning and Response

High Profile Security

What Makes Us Different?


Our travel management service encompasses all aspects of international business travel:

Travel planning and booking services
Departure and arrival briefings
Ground Transportation
Staff and asset tracking
Security Services
Emergency planning and response


We strive to operate as a partner and not merely a transactional vendor:

We work closely with clients in order to understand their business objectives.
We offer tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique travel requirements.


We have spent years implementing systems, processes, training, and procedures across all of the markets we serve. This allows us to provide our clients with a consistently high level of service no matter where their business takes them.

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