HALO and Legacy Resources Join Forces for a Cutting-Edge Security Solution.

HALO is proud to announce its partnership with Northern Ireland based Security and Risk Management Company Legacy Resources, a renowned worldwide security provider operating 24/7. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the industry as we join forces to offer cutting-edge security solutions to protect the safety of their staff and clients.


As market leaders in the body camera industry, we understand the critical role that advanced technology plays in ensuring the safety and protection of individuals and premises. Our innovative body-worn solution is designed to enhance safety and security operations – we are thrilled to integrate HALO body cameras into Legacy Resources’ licensed door supervisor service through this partnership.


Since 2018, Legacy Resources has been spearheading the security and risk management industry.  They are a Northern Ireland based company with a global footprint.. Legacy is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services including close protection, key holding, manned guarding, private investigations, round-the-clock control centre support, door supervisors and chauffeur services.

Not only do body cameras instill a sense of security, but they also mitigate the occurrence of physical or verbal abuse, fostering a safer environment for all. Acting as a visible deterrent, HALO body cameras significantly contribute to this effectiveness, capturing clear evidence in the event of an incident escalation. 

HALO body cameras yield a comprehensive record of any incidents recorded, offering a deeper understanding of risks within the industry that door supervisors face and first-hand evidence for any incident that police or judicial processes can use as case evidence. Body worn footage aids in identifying and successfully prosecuting offenders and the transparency afforded by these recordings serves as a potent instrument in dispute resolution, providing credible evidence when needed.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, HALO Connect’s live stream feature equips security teams like Legacy Resources with state-of-the-art tools for critical incident management, ensuring proactive decision-making. Offering seamless HD video and real-time monitoring capabilities, this functionality empowers control rooms to make timely, informed decisions with utmost confidence. A vital resource for Legacy Resources, offering immediate assistance to security officers and maintaining seamless communication with clients, further strengthening the security measures in place.

At HALO, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that prioritise safety and exceed client expectations. Our partnership with Legacy Resources allows us to extend the reach of our cutting-edge technology on home soil and reinforce the need of advanced tech in security and risk management services worldwide. Together, we aim to instil peace of mind and confidence in our clients.


With HALO’s advanced body-worn technology and Legacy Resources’ security expertise, we are poised to set new benchmarks for security and risk management services worldwide. Safeguarding assets, protecting personnel and delivering exceptional security solutions  and data driven results with advanced body-worn technology.

Legacy Resources Directors said:  “We are excited about our partnership with Halo Technologies and look forward to supporting them through our services now and in the future”